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Pre-Primary: ages 2 1/2-3
A combination of Creative Movement and an introduction to Tap.  At this age we are focused on locomotive skills, which enhance and strengthen balance, coordination and storytelling, through creative movement. 

Primary: ages 3-4
Pre - Ballet terminology is introduced in a structured but fun filled classroom environment!  The students will learn proper posture and positioning.  The next focus of the class is on the introduction of Tap.  Here, learning to count and identify rhythms and discovering the basic sounds that tap shoes produce are key elements

Mini-Combo: ages 5-7

This is a one hour class divided equally between Tap and Ballet.  They will begin to engage the proper muscles used to turnout and explore proper placement. The American Ballet Theatre syllabus will be followed when teaching the positions of the feet and the arms.
In Tap, discovering the different parts of the tap shoe and the unique sounds produced by each are explored.  Steps are now joined to produce longer rhythm patterns.

By participating in Empire's traditional Ballet training program, students learn concentration and endurance and will become proficient in the movement, technique and terminology set by the American Ballet Theatre syllabus.​


Producing percussive patterns with our feet which increase in difficulty as levels increase is our main focus.  Students will also be exposed to the different styles of tap including hoofing, soft shoe and broadway.​ Classes for ages 7 and up.

Jazz dance combines the technique from ballet, modern and current forms of popular dace.  There are many charectaristics in jazz dance which will be explored such as classical, street jazz, percussive, broadway and funk.  Classes can be patterned to follow one specific style or a combination of them.​ Classes available for ages 7 and up.

Contemporary and lyrical classes will focus on expressive dance that combines several elements of the genres modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.  A connection of the mind, emotion and dance movement are key elements to be explored.​ Classes available for ages 7 and up.

Hip Hop

Come learn a wide range of styles of Hip Hop including Freestyle, Breaking, Popping and Locking.  All in a fun and age appropriate setting!  


Beginning with basic tumbling and stretches, the students will continue to work to achieve flexibility, balance and strength.  The more advanced students will work to master more difficult tumbling, stunts and lifts.​ Classes available for ages 6 and up.

Musical Theatre

This class is structured to expose students to 3 key elements of theatre performance:  acting, voice and dance.  Theatre games will be played to enhance acting skills, as well as, short skits and monologues. Vocally, the students will warm up and learn several pieces from stage shows.  The class will conclude with dance movement geared toward the specific styling of the show being worked on. ​ Classes available for ages 8 and up.

Adult Classes

Ever Dance as a child or wish you had?  Come take Adult Hip Hop, Tap or Jazz with us!!